Hello world!

Hello there,

I’m CraftyWren and this is my first ever blog post, exciting but also slightly nervous!

I am a stay at home mum to my son ‘T’ who is 14 months old.   After my son was born I realised that I needed to find a hobby which I could do in the house, as gallivanting about on horses (my main pre-pregnancy hobby) with a newborn in tow was no longer a realistic option for me.  So I tried my hand at paper-crafting, an ideal hobby that can be picked up and put down as often as the baby.   I have been teaching myself different techniques to make cards and artwork with paper and hope to use this blog to document my adventures in craft.

I started off by doing some quilling, mainly because I remembered doing it when I was a child and thought it would be a good idea to start somewhere vaguely familiar.  I really enjoy the concentration needed to quill, and it fitted in well with feeding and nappy changes.

I made some personalised button art for baby T’s little friends for their first birthdays which I really enjoyed and loved the results.

My latest adventure is in making handmade greetings cards.  There are just so many options I think this one is going to be good.